Greetings from The Land of MOONBABIES!

I am a first-time Blogger, egged on by a husband who insists that there are folks out there who are actually interested in MOONBABIES CHAT.. so bear with me as I learn the art of the BLOG! For the handful of you who are not familiar with us, let me give you a brief history.

Anyway, the first MOONBABY was conceived during the Blizzard of 1996 with the intention of keeping my 2 children entertained. I was the most creative at-home mom with the most abundant “craft room” so I became the designated “foul weather shelter” for every stray child in the neighborhood..In an effort to keep the little shavers busy, I whipped out some wire, and beads and set about creating “mini me’s” for the kids, stuck a pin on the back and sent them on their chilly little way…Family and friends began calling to request the little “people pins” for gifts. When a local store contacted me to make 100 pins for Christmas, I knew I was on to what would become my life’s work!

Almost 11 years later, MOONBABIES has grown into a vibrant, dynamic company with a very extensive product line! The foundation of our mission has remained the same; produce high-quality, fashion forward accessory items exclusively in the United States by a very loyal and dedicated team of “MoonMoms” who can work at home and care for their children. Now, get a good night’s sleep and drink a few Red Bulls and tune in tommorrow for more about this facinating company and it’s truly interesting Chief Poobah!


3 Responses to “Greetings from The Land of MOONBABIES!”

  1. Gina Thomas Says:

    I am resorting to commenting on the blog because I emailed with no response and the phone seems to be disconnected. I ordered 5 lanyards and when they came there were 4 and the fifth was highlighted on the order with “out of stock” written beside it. The problem is that there was no indication of whether there would be a refund or it would be shipped later or what. My Visa was charged for 5 and I have not received a credit on it. I love the lanyards but I also want to get what I paid for.

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  3. Theresa Zehna Says:

    I have also ordered a beaded eyeglass lanyard which is supposedly out of stock. I ordered it last Tuesday (order #@7567). I subsequently received an e-mail asking if I wanted a refund or a replacement. This letter was from Ava Minsky Foxman. I am trying to find an address, phone number – anything to be able to get in touch but I haven’t had any luck. The phone number has been disconnected. Can you help?

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