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What is up with this need to follow or be followed by total strangers? Didn’t that used to be called “stalking’? Honestly, who really cares what you are doing minute to minute? I don’t know about the rest of the population but my daily life certainly doesn’t warrent sharing with anyone I’m not related to!  Even my loving husband doesn’t really care if I found a bargin on Avacados at Acme..

What do all of these people do that have enough time in their day to report to unknown masses their every move?? Do they work?  If so, is their employer paying for “Tweeting” time?  Do they sneek off to the bathroom and secretly “Tweet”? Or perhaps they don’t work, in which case what do they have to “Tweet” about? What they ate for lunch, carpools, the gym???  Maybe they just sit home and read everyone else’s “Tweets”!

Does anyone else feel as though this “Tweeting”, Facebooking and for that matter even Blogging is just a tad self-indulgent?  Is this the metaphor for 2010.. The Narcissistic Generation???



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Daily, I am bombarded by people asking me if I am on FACEBOOK.  “No, I am not” I respond. “Why NOT” they demand.. At first I lie and tell them that my young adult children have forbidden is only for young people.  They persist…”but you can re-connect with old friends” they say!  As politely as possible, I explain that if these “old friends” were really “old friends”, we probably would not have lost touch!  In today’s world you can find anyone, anything anywhere by simply using good old fashioned Google.

So if you are an “old friend” who I haven’t spoken to since high school and you can’t find me in the 30+ pages under my name on the Internet…you don’t need to reach me.

Why You Can’t Find a Job!

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They could be doing your job!

While you are preparing the hundreds of resumes you will need to send out to hopefully get a few responses, think about this.

My jewelry company, Moonbabies has been in business for 15 years and much to the chagrin of all of my business advisors I have insisted on having all of our products made in the USA.  Over the years it has become more and more difficult to survive as my competitors have their products made in Third World countries.  I understand wanting to save money, time are very tough, but in order to pay our employees a decent wage, provide benefits and produce a quality product we cannot compete with workers (many children) who are paid $1.00 a week! 

 So, next time you have the choice, buy American Made so they won’t be doing your job in the future!


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Tune into any Dateline, Nightline, 20/20, Extra or even hard new shows and what do you hear? A deeply apologetic man (actor, politician, sport hero) begging his long suffering wife for forgiveness..or worse yet, they murder the wife so they don’t have to beg for forgiveness!! What part of “just get a divorce” do they not understand? If you are suffering from chronic boredom or sexual addiction (the latest swanky disease)..why lose your family, career, dignity and self esteem for a sexual encounter? And..why do we not see women behaving like hormone driven teenagers?
And, how scary is the idea that we were entertaining the notion of electing a man to the most powerful office in the world who didn’t think to use a condom when engaging in his sexual dalliances while running for the Presidency WITH a wife who was just diagnosed with terminal breast cancer!!!! Wow. And we thought getting a blow job in the Oval Office was stupid..


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I’m B A C K from blog fog! Can’t seem to find my blog swag so to speak. However, this Haiti Earthquake has gotten me motivated to blog. So many of our MOONBABY workers are Haitian-Americans that have become like family to me over the 15 years we have worked together. I have watched their children grow, seen them prosper in this country sometimes working 2 or 3 jobs. These are some of the most hard-working, loyal, kind people I have ever met. Unfortunately, their homeland is hell-on-earth (before the earthquake!). Poor, corrupt, uneducated, hopeless!
This country has had the worst of everything, floods, hurricanes, fires and now this epic disaster.
Each day when one of our worker’s come in with stories about whole families that have perished in
a collapsed house, to family members that can’t be found, to severe injuries with no adequate medical care, my heart breaks! We have designed 2 MOONBABY pins to help raise money for this shredded country, emailed friends and family to
make donations, pray, what else to do?
Perhaps many thousands will have to die to bring
the world’s attention and resources to help. Maybe out of the ashes a new, stronger Haiti will be born. HELP how you can.