I’m B A C K from blog fog! Can’t seem to find my blog swag so to speak. However, this Haiti Earthquake has gotten me motivated to blog. So many of our MOONBABY workers are Haitian-Americans that have become like family to me over the 15 years we have worked together. I have watched their children grow, seen them prosper in this country sometimes working 2 or 3 jobs. These are some of the most hard-working, loyal, kind people I have ever met. Unfortunately, their homeland is hell-on-earth (before the earthquake!). Poor, corrupt, uneducated, hopeless!
This country has had the worst of everything, floods, hurricanes, fires and now this epic disaster.
Each day when one of our worker’s come in with stories about whole families that have perished in
a collapsed house, to family members that can’t be found, to severe injuries with no adequate medical care, my heart breaks! We have designed 2 MOONBABY pins to help raise money for this shredded country, emailed friends and family to
make donations, pray, what else to do?
Perhaps many thousands will have to die to bring
the world’s attention and resources to help. Maybe out of the ashes a new, stronger Haiti will be born. HELP how you can.


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