Tune into any Dateline, Nightline, 20/20, Extra or even hard new shows and what do you hear? A deeply apologetic man (actor, politician, sport hero) begging his long suffering wife for forgiveness..or worse yet, they murder the wife so they don’t have to beg for forgiveness!! What part of “just get a divorce” do they not understand? If you are suffering from chronic boredom or sexual addiction (the latest swanky disease)..why lose your family, career, dignity and self esteem for a sexual encounter? And..why do we not see women behaving like hormone driven teenagers?
And, how scary is the idea that we were entertaining the notion of electing a man to the most powerful office in the world who didn’t think to use a condom when engaging in his sexual dalliances while running for the Presidency WITH a wife who was just diagnosed with terminal breast cancer!!!! Wow. And we thought getting a blow job in the Oval Office was stupid..


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