What is up with this need to follow or be followed by total strangers? Didn’t that used to be called “stalking’? Honestly, who really cares what you are doing minute to minute? I don’t know about the rest of the population but my daily life certainly doesn’t warrent sharing with anyone I’m not related to!  Even my loving husband doesn’t really care if I found a bargin on Avacados at Acme..

What do all of these people do that have enough time in their day to report to unknown masses their every move?? Do they work?  If so, is their employer paying for “Tweeting” time?  Do they sneek off to the bathroom and secretly “Tweet”? Or perhaps they don’t work, in which case what do they have to “Tweet” about? What they ate for lunch, carpools, the gym???  Maybe they just sit home and read everyone else’s “Tweets”!

Does anyone else feel as though this “Tweeting”, Facebooking and for that matter even Blogging is just a tad self-indulgent?  Is this the metaphor for 2010.. The Narcissistic Generation???


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