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Posted in 1 with tags , , on February 23, 2010 by moonbabies

PLEASE someone help me understand what has happened to old fashion taste and style?

I don’t want to age myself but I do long for the days when your female ice skaters wore beautiful, flowing, feminine dresses and their partners (no matter their sexuality) wore sensible black jumpsuits! When “our” skaters glided across gracefully to classical music…ahhhh

I long for the time when I could just relax and enjoy the beauty and grace of a lovely synchronized pair twirling and “whishing” around the rink!  Now I must first get past the circus costumes, the screeching music and the over the top “themes” to watch males and females lifting and twisting each other like human pretzels, engaging in so much complicated “side-by-side footwork” that I’m exhausted by mid-performance!!

And..don’t get me started on those Blue Snowsuits with the little Stars on our Ski Team. WHAT is this about?? How can these talented men possibly feel medal-worthy bundled up looking like a toddler on a bunny hill. I get the edgy street look worn by the young snowboarders, that’s the culture, but strapping, strong men jumping 50 feet in the air flipping and twisting down a hill deserve a sleek, sexy ski suit…don’t you think?

Finally, when is the Olympic Organizing Committee going to choose beautiful beaded badgeholders for the athletes instead of those ugly fabric ones?