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Why You Can’t Find a Job!

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They could be doing your job!

While you are preparing the hundreds of resumes you will need to send out to hopefully get a few responses, think about this.

My jewelry company, Moonbabies has been in business for 15 years and much to the chagrin of all of my business advisors I have insisted on having all of our products made in the USA.  Over the years it has become more and more difficult to survive as my competitors have their products made in Third World countries.  I understand wanting to save money, time are very tough, but in order to pay our employees a decent wage, provide benefits and produce a quality product we cannot compete with workers (many children) who are paid $1.00 a week! 

 So, next time you have the choice, buy American Made so they won’t be doing your job in the future!


Greetings from The Land of MOONBABIES!

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I am a first-time Blogger, egged on by a husband who insists that there are folks out there who are actually interested in MOONBABIES CHAT.. so bear with me as I learn the art of the BLOG! For the handful of you who are not familiar with us, let me give you a brief history.

Anyway, the first MOONBABY was conceived during the Blizzard of 1996 with the intention of keeping my 2 children entertained. I was the most creative at-home mom with the most abundant “craft room” so I became the designated “foul weather shelter” for every stray child in the neighborhood..In an effort to keep the little shavers busy, I whipped out some wire, and beads and set about creating “mini me’s” for the kids, stuck a pin on the back and sent them on their chilly little way…Family and friends began calling to request the little “people pins” for gifts. When a local store contacted me to make 100 pins for Christmas, I knew I was on to what would become my life’s work!

Almost 11 years later, MOONBABIES has grown into a vibrant, dynamic company with a very extensive product line! The foundation of our mission has remained the same; produce high-quality, fashion forward accessory items exclusively in the United States by a very loyal and dedicated team of “MoonMoms” who can work at home and care for their children. Now, get a good night’s sleep and drink a few Red Bulls and tune in tommorrow for more about this facinating company and it’s truly interesting Chief Poobah!