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Posted in 1 with tags , , , on February 26, 2010 by moonbabies

Once again I am troubled and puzzled by human behavior.

My heart goes out to the family of the beautiful young woman who was tragically killed at SeaWorld.

My problem is this..the animal is called a Killer Whale, and, this particular Killer Whale has lived up to his name… Therefore, I find it astounding that people who are supposedly trained professionals in this field get into the water with these animals strictly for entertainment.

 I get the whole “educating the dumb public about endangered animals” thing, it is how we justify taking wild, magnificent animals out of their habitats, locking them in “artificial environments” and making them do tricks for our entertainment.  My question is this, how many “wild animal trainers” are going to have to be stung, eaten, drowned or mauled before we come to our senses and realize that these animals are best left in the wild?  If they don’t survive, oh well, dinosaurs didn’t make it and we are none the worse for that.

Before you shell out some obscene amount of money to visit one of these Captive Animal Exhibits, keep in mind that you are playing a part in condemning these animals to an unnatural existence and contributing to the endangering of the handlers. If this doesn’t trouble you..think about the fact that you may come back as a Lion condemned to a zoo!